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We go on Facebook to connect with friends, follow celebrities or artists we have an interest in or play games.  We all played some sort of game at one point in our life. When we play a game we earn coins or points which we can use to buy more materials or accessories. A new game on the rise is called “We Topia.” What makes this game different than the others is you have an impact on the real world as you play. You build an online community where you meet others and help them. Rather than receiving online money, you earn joy and happiness (I’m serious. You get a happier character). It is great you can help people in this game but the best part is you get to help people in the real world. For example, in my brief time browsing and playing I met people attempting to raise money to bring food to Haiti or bring better education to children in impoverished areas.  This is site is really utilizing Social Media and Games to bring awareness and give back to our community.

You are probably wondering how you can trust these people? That is the same thought I had. Well for starters, some people aren’t asking for money. They are just simply asking your help to raise awareness. Actually, there is no money involved. People are able to partner with an organization as they work to help and communicate their ideas for them on WeTopia. If you really want a more justifiable claim that this isn’t a fake site, you can see that some major partners and sponsors of the sight include, Save the Children, Haitian Partners, and Children’s Health Fund. Some celebrities who actually are on this site include Ellen and Justin Bieber. (If you really want to go crazy you can become their neighbors and friends…that is if you can figure out with their code is. I am actually friends with one them).

If there is one game you should play on Facebook, it should be WeTopia AND if you are one of those people who don’t have a Facebook, they are do have a website where you can play. ( . We Topia, a chance for you to have fun and bring joy to others while supporting various causes. 

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